Are you a bot?

You can use this page to test whether or not your bot is detected. The test is based only on fingerprinting signals:
  • Client-side signals: Browser fingerprinting. It means that the test requires JavaScript execution.
  • Server-side signals: HTTP headers (but I may add more signals in the future, such as TCP/TLS fingerprinting)

It DOES NOT use any signals related to the IP reputation or the user behavior. The goal of this page is only to challenge the nature of the fingerprint. Thus, it doesn't matter if you make requests from a residential IP or a VPN. Similarly, you can run several tests in a row: it doesn't impact the output of the detection.

The details of the test are visible as a JSON object below. Certain signals and tests are deterministic, e.g. hasWebdriverTrue. Thus, having these signals = true indicates the presence of a bot. Other signals are more fuzzy and will be represented as a float between 0 and 1 where 0 indicates a human-like fingerprint, and 1 a bot-like fingerprint.

The result of this test is not 100% accurate. In particular, if your dev tools are open, you will be flagged as a bot because of the CDP detection. I will continue to add more detection tests over time based on people's feedback and new anti-detect bot frameworks.


Disclaimer: This test IS NOT affiliated with DataDome.