About Device and Browser Info

Device and browser info was started by Antoine Vastel, PhD in April 2024. It aims to centralize the data and knowledge around bot and fraud detection, such as:

Device and browser info aims to help security researchers and analysts to easily access data either manually through the website or automatically using APIs. As a security researcher, I also share insights regarding the way I gather data and how it can be leveraged to detect fraud and bots.

About Antoine Vastel

I am currently VP of Research at DataDome, overseeing the SOC and threat research team. In this role, I focus on improving DataDome’s real-time bot detection engine through different approaches, including behavioral detection, HTTP/browser fingerprinting, (residential) proxies/infected IP detection, and CAPTCHA farm detection. I hold a PhD in computer science with a focus on browser fingerprinting.

I like to write about bot detection and browser fingerprinting, either on device and browser info, on my personal website, and DataDome's blog.

I also like to give talks on these topics (non-exhaustive list):

I was (among) the first researchers to share techniques to detect Headless Chrome: